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Top Marketing Fundamental for 2011:
Strong Website with offers.

Consumers use your Contractor website to validate you. This is true ESPECIALLY for the Contractors industry where consumers are on guard from scary stories of "shady builder", "rip-off artists", and "Jobs Half Done". Excellent prospects who find your custom built website will quickly scan your site to see if you are legitimate and trustworthy, and if you can help. Your website, at a minimum, needs to be prepared to positively capture their interest and attention immediately.

That's easy to say... but there is much more that goes on behind the scenes to instill that consumer confidence. We have the experience and the portfolio of prior contractor companies from Roofing to Windows to Siding, HVAC, Plumbers and more, that shows we build great websites for contractors.

Contractor Pro Marketing builds websites that incorporate several critical components for long term and short term success.

Contractor Pro Marketing website critical components:

  • Visually powerful and professional
  • Easy logical information gathering
  • Easy contact information
  • Easy form submission
  • Strong search engine friendly platform
  • Offers and Incentives for consumer action
  • Plus many more special CPM elements for visitor conversion

Your company website is the base foundation for ALL your marketing. A strong website becomes more important with each passing day as consumers shift more and more online for choosing companies to call for help. Without a solid internet presence you are missing critical highly qualified business opportunities.

Give us a call to learn more how we can help. We'll give you a free analysis of your current site and we'll share a few additional website fundamentals you need to include in your website. Visit our Recent Projects to view several new contractor websites!

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Business Growth with Contractor Website Re-Designs

If you were one of the contractors that jumped onto the website train early, chances are you probably generated some business with your website. Over the years, websites have gotten slicker, faster and more multimedia rich than ever before. Some of your competitors probably have really nice sites and if you haven’t kept up you are likely stuck with something that looks like it’s from the stone age in comparison.

Freshening up your website and getting your website back into the search engines and social media where it can be found by potential customers is a great way to breathe some new life into your contracting company.

Your Website Needs A CPM Re-Design.

Here’s What We’ll Do:

1. Overhaul Your Website - This includes a complete and professional re-design of your website. This includes new graphics, and new content (we can certainly use much of your old content too!) that will compliment each and every one of the services you wish to focus on. This will include a completely new, more modern layout along with the wordpress content management system which makes adding/editing content on your new website a breeze by you or one of your employees (or kids) with just very basic computer skills. We’re going to bring you up to 2010 standards.

2. Setup Traffic Analytics – If you’re not tracking your website visitors to see what they are doing when they come to your site, you have no chance of making any sort of changes to your website to increase it’s lead generation capability.

3. Dedicated Hosting - We will be hosting your website on our dedicated server. You will have the option to access your own dedicated cpanel for email administration. This is highly beneficial to the security of your website. Free or cheap hosting accounts almost always have you sharing an IP address with hundreds if not thousands of other websites, this creates the possibility that if someone else gets hacked or compromised, so will you.

4. Search Engine Marketing - Search Engines are where it’s at if you are trying to generate more business from the web. Search Engine Marketing is a multi-faceted approach that needs to be undertaken with great care and patience to ensure your website will gain ranking and more importantly, have some staying power. Our Re-Design packages include include the option for month to month search engine marketing optimization.

Your Website goes through the following checklist.

  • Setting up your Google webmaster, Maps, and Analytics account. (important for your local search results. Yahoo and Bing are optional.)
  • Writing keyword driven content around your most important services and service areas. (more pages = more potential keywords your customers can find you with)
  • Submitting your website to various local and state/nationwide business directories.
  • Setting up your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts. (Social media marketing helps out with your rankings)
  • Developing a network of backlinks to your website. (Available through our optional SEO Program)
  • Setting up a Pay-Per-Click campaign with Google Adwords. This is optional, but is a great way to test out keywords and drive traffic immediately.
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