Offline Marketing. Radio and TV Ads

Radio Ads for Contractors.

We believe in radio ad campaigns at Contractor Marketing. Radio gives your business name market awareness. Radio proactively reaches prospects and delivers your company name and message affordably and frequently.

When used correctly, a great contractor services ad drives website traffic and can even boost the effectiveness of your paid search ad placement. Ad placement/scheduling and copy writing is a science we have worked on for many years. Proper management of these elements is the key to effective radio advertising

We experiment with a variety of commercial strategies including 2 minute commercials to 5 second commercials. Radio has become more flexible in recent years to accommodate a more demanding clientele - and it's a good thing too.

As part of a comprehensive marketing plan radio can be very effective. Give us a call to find out how we can help you with your roofing marketing strategy. 888-474-7276

TV Ads bring your company to life.

TV advertising is a very fast and effective method to drive market awareness of your contracting service company. TV allows you to show your city and target market what you "look like" and what you can do for them. Primarily used to reach the masses, TV helps consumers become aware of your company, your logo/image and your message.TV advertising, like radio, can send highly targeted traffic to your website where potential clients can "check you out", and contact you from the comfort of their living room.

Short Form vs. Long Form.

We utilize Contractor Company TV ads in 15 and 30 second lengths for image development/branding

We use LONG FORM TV to drive company messaging. Long Form TV is offered around the country in the form of locally produced shows that sell segments to advertisers in an interview format. Often segments can be 8-9 minutes long, giving our contractor companies time to tell a more complete story and really sell their company.

Contractor company TV ads can be very effective in local marketing and as part of any contractors marketing plan.

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