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Contractor Pro Marketing is designed for the contractor who wants to dominate their market (or markets). We understand the contractor business and the critical need for lead generation. We have a very strong record of success that we can demonstrate to you in real time. Our company is unique in that we offer a TOTAL MARKETING SOLUTION for Contractors.

This directory is a short list of some of the sites designed and optimized by Contractor Pro Marketing & our design companies.

Latest Links Straightline Roofing (Roofing Contractors) Millard Siding Company (Siding Contractors) Master Blaster Plumbing (Plumbing Contractors) Millard Window and Door (Window Contractors) Lon Smith Roofing (Roofing Contractors)
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Master Blaster Plumbing quickly jumps from "Not Found" to the #1 position for 3 huge keywords in their 3 most important cities.

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The Importance of Reviews Monitor what they’re saying about your company online

Reeves Journal WEB WORLD By Greg Hoffman
Internet reviews aren’t new, but the importance of online customer reviews continues to increase every year. With recent changes in Google page layout, the reviews a company receives are now front-and-center. This makes tons of good reviews critical to your Internet lead generation success. Many people will steer clear of a company with just 1 bad review! Read Article (PDF)

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